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 Spring Term 2014-2015 Events
21.1.15 Year 1 visited Touchstones in Rochdale as part of their new topic about the Victorians. They had lots of fun learning about and playing with old toys.
21.1.15 It's National Hug Day! Year One celebrated by taking part in Hopwood's biggest hug. They really enjoyed reading the book 'Hugless Douglas' by David Melling.  
20.1.15 Y5/6 Had a Mayan Day. The had a time-travelling visitor who transported them to the time of the Mayan people. They also did lots of fun learning activities, such as designing and making their own clay pendants using Mayan symbols.
Wk beg 5.1.15: It's been Green Week at school this week. Children have been learning all about REDUCING, RECYCLING and REUSING whilst doing lots of fun activities, such as writing and performing their own eco raps! The week ended with a Green Day on Friday. Children wore green clothes and brought in a green item to sell at our recycling shop run by the Eco team.
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