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25.6.15 Class 1 performed their class assembly this morning. They took everyone on a journey through their first year of school in reception.
24.6.15 Class 2 took everyone under the sea in their assembly this morning. Then later on Class 9 performed for friends and parents. They have all been learning string instruments for the last 3 months. We were very impressed!
23.6.15 Year 1 went to visit Stockley Farm today. They got to meet lots of animals and they even fed some of them. They had a fantastic day discovering more about their topic.
20.6.15 We held our Summer Fayre today. This year saw the addition of class enterprise stalls. Each class has worked really hard on designing their product over the school year. Thank you to everyone who came along and supported us despite the rain.
18.6.15 Our Year 5/6 rounders team played their second set of matches today. They have won all of their games and came first in the league! Class 8 have also been busy singing in the Heywood Shine Song Festival. Two of our school council representatives also collected the banner the Shine partnership have been working on. They have focused on litter and the environment this school year.
12.6.15 What a fantastic week of learning together it has been! From reception all the way up to Year 6, the children have loved sharing their learning. They wrote postcards, adverts, stories, descriptions and booklets.
11.6.15 Class 5 performed their super hero assembly. They shared their own heroes with us and some historical heroes too. We even learned of a hero here at Hopwood!
10.6.15 Year 6 spent the day at Victoria Baths. They were rehearsing for the Manchester Arts Project next month.
9.6.15 Year 5 enjoyed their art and culture trip. They practised their drawing skills by sketching buildings from different view points.
5.6.15 A Martin Brower lorry parked in our playground today. They came to teach our children about road safety. The children learned about how much a lorry driver can see when they are in their cab and how to stay safe around lorries.
4.6.15 Year 3 and 4 went to the DEWA Roman Experience. They had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed marching through the streets of Chester as Roman Soldiers.
3.6.15 Reception went to the Blue Planet Aquarium today. They saw lots of sea creatures and enjoyed their day under the sea.
1.6.15 Year 6 are completing their bikeability this week. They went over the basics in the playground before gaining experience of being out on the road and working towards their Level 2 award.
21.5.15 Year 2 had a wonderful trip to Blackpool Zoo. They discovered lots of interesting facts about different animals. They even got to meet some of them.
18.5.15 Maths week got off to a great start with lots of exciting maths activities being done across the whole school! We've seen lots of different maths skills being put to the test. The children and staff have all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
8.5.15 The 70th anniversary of VE Day was marked by everyone observing a two minutes silence at 3pm.
7.5.15 Class 4 performed their assembly on flight today for friends and families. We learned lots of flight facts from them and enjoyed their Britain's Got Talent themed assembly. Class 7 also went on their Enterprise trip to Pizza Express in Manchester and the Jewish Museum.
6.5.15 Class 9 had a great trip to Manchester's Museum of Science and Industry today.
28.4.15 Year 1 had a fantastic time at Tesco's Eat Happy Project. They learned about where their food comes from and tasted different foods.
23.4.15 We celebrated Saint George's Day with a special assembly. We learned about the different stories surrounding Saint George. Our children who are members of the Scouts and Guide Association also came to school in their uniform.
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