Weaver Primary School

 Bug Hotel
 The hotel went from this...
...to this!!!!
What a wonderful hotel...that even has a thatched roof!
Mrs Morgan will be uploading more photographs very soon.  These will be found in 'School Clubs' and then 'Eco Committee'.
The Key Stage 2
Fruit and Vegetable Challenge
We have launched our new healthy eating initiative, with the aim of encouraging the children in Key Stage 2 to add to their daily intake of eating more fresh fruit and veg!
If your child has a piece of fruit or veg for their morning snack, then they record it on a daily tally chart situated in the hall. If they then eat more fruit and veg during their lunchtime, whether it be from their hot dinner or packed lunch, then this too can be recorded on their tally chart.
The following week, during the Monday assembly, we will reveal the class that ate the most fruit and veg and also the individual who ate the most throughout Key Stage 2.
The children asked lots of questions about what can and cannot be included on the tally chart.
Any form of fresh fruit and vegetable
Dried fruit, like raisins
Juice drinks
Items such as 'Yo-Yo Bears' and 'Humzingers'
Good luck Key Stage 2!!!!!!
Class winners for last week were Class 4
Our individual winner was
Ellie Horsley in Class 4
Well done and keep up the healthy eating!!!
Don't forget - we are still collecting old ink cartridges (with a circuit board) and old mobile phones, in order to raise money for
'Ronald McDonald Houses' Charity.
Visit their website at www.rmhc.org.uk/
We are continuing to collect clean, paired and bagged old shoes for the 'United Shoe' recycling company.
The two boxes can be found in the Year 5 porch area.
For more information, visit their website at:
follow our Twitter accounts @Class6Weaver @Class4Weaver and @Class2Weaver
Mouse Mat Competition Winners

The new Mathletics app has arrived! If you have access to an iPad or iPhone, you can now download the free Mathletics app from iTunes. As it is a very new app, you will need to click on 'updates' for the next few weeks as the Mathletics Team upload more content.

Our stars of the week are: Reception- Phoebe, Class 1 - Hannah & Lily-Rose, Class 2 - Luke, Class 3 - Seb, Class 4 - Louise, Class 5 - Miles, Jamie & Ingrid, Class 6 - Ben. WELL DONE EVERYONE!
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